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A healthy and sustainable living

EcoG aims to offer you better ways to lead a healthy and sustainable living with the highest quality of body care and household products. Say no to harsh and harmful ingredients to your lovely body and environment. Get closer to nature by stopping by at EcoG where you can be nourished with truly botanical, organic and health enhancing elements. When benefiting from our products, you’re helping the planet.



EcoG Philosophy

EcoG is formed by a group of nature-conscious people and we are passionate about the planet as much as we love our bodies. Like you, we want to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and are concerned about the well-being of future generation. Our aim is to promote the use of safe, eco-friendly and effective organic/natural products which can meet stringent international health care standards. We have done extensive research into many brands and products and will continue to expand our product range and enhance our professional service in helping you to enjoy a high quality lifestyle.


Our belief is that beauty must be both external and internal. General cosmetics may make one look brighter and whiter, but the accompanying damage to the skin and body is very undesirable. We sell only clean, green and organic/natural products which are beneficial to your skin and body. We will let you know full information of the products we sell and you can be assured that harmful chemicals and unnecessary additives are not present or have been kept to the minimum in our products.



Being an ethical and socially responsible corporate citizen, we attach great importance to business integrity, staff professionalism and consumer rights. We are dedicated to grow our business through relentless effort in searching for good products, acting in the best interest of customers and help protecting our environment.


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